The Answers Are Already Within You

I just help you find them.

Since 2003, I’ve helped hundreds of overachievers navigate career and life changes and create the life they’ve always wanted. Through one-on-one coaching, Zoom workshops, and public speaking, I help people just like you get to where they want to be, faster.

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Dr. Krista Wells

Life Coach, Speaker, and Author

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Working with a coach helps you aim higher, gives you support along your journey, and celebrates with you along the way.

If you’re experiencing stress in your life, ambivalence about your career path, or aren’t making self-care a priority, having a coach can help. I’ve been trained by Coach U and certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). I work with individuals ready to commit to brave goals, let go of limiting beliefs, and act in alignment with the joy they’re ready to attract.

So, whether you’re looking for career or life coaching, I’m here to help.

Are you struggling to find fulfillment in your personal or professional life? Do you feel like you haven’t reached your full potential? I offer customized coaching packages in-person in West Hartford, Connecticut, on the phone, or via Zoom.

Are you a military spouse looking for career support? For twenty years, I’ve helped military spouses that have struggled with underemployment. Today, I continue to offer resources, speak at events, and host a podcast to support a community that is close to my heart.  

Notes From My Clients


The Power of Narrative Therapy

In the realm of life coaching, narrative therapy can be a unique tool to empower clients to reconstruct the stories they tell themselves.


Instead of Writing Resolutions, Write Your Story

I always remind my life-coaching clients that they are the authors of their own life story. I use sayings like, “the words are your magic wand.”

NMSN Magazine

Make your goals Bigger!!

And five steps to make accomplishing them easy. Life is too short for boring goals. Big goals need time and energy.

Military Entrepreneur

Career or Family? Why not Both?

Focusing on military family life and a career isn’t easy, so take it slow and be gentle with yourself during each stage of your career journey.

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