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If you’re interested in working together, I’d love to hear from you!

Coaching is always based on the client’s agenda but to see the most progress you should schedule 2-3 sessions per month to stay “in process”.
This might be a pressing concern and it might also include your overall lifestyle goals that you wish to accomplish in addition to your specific shorter term coaching goals.
Do these goals seem realistic for that time frame, or do you think they need to be broken down into small more achievable steps?
For each one think of the skills and support that helped you to achieve them.
Draining things that you don’t really want or need in your life.
Fear of failure/success, time constraints due to a job, skill-deficits, etc. List as many as you think of and we can discuss how to proactively set up your mental and physical environment in ways to best support your coaching goals.
Example: directive and tough on deadlines; or more nurturing, gentle, and allowing you to move at your own pace? And please feel free to give me feedback between sessions.
How would accomplishing this scenario feel? Are you open to doing a vision board or a mind movie?
Some clients share they suffered a trauma, are in therapy (if you sign a consent release form I can speak to your therapist), are in the process of a divorce, caring for an aging parent, and/or taking medications that impact mood and energy. This is all CONFIDENTIAL.